Faber is the world market leader for the production and sales of kitchen hoods and part of the Swiss owned multinational Franke.


Tecnogas is a historic manufacturer of free standing cookers and ovens.


Istao is one of the oldest business management schools in Italy.

Italo-Libyan Chamber of Commerce

The Italo-Libyan Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organisation founded in Rome in 1997.


Moncaro is the leading vineyard in the Marche region of Italy in terms of turnover, it also counts the highest number of producer members.


Gold Holding is owned by the Franco Colaiacovo family.

Panatta Sport

Panatta Sport is a leading manufacturer in Europe for fitness equipment.

De Capua Law Firm

It is one of the most famous law firms in Italy dealing in international trade law.


Fourth Italian poultry farm and first producer of organic white meat in Italy.

Cooperlat TreValli

It is the third largest national agricultural co-operative for milk supply and production of dairy products.


Prada is one of the most famous Italian brands in the world.


The second largest producer of home appliances in Europe entrusted PressCom for providing consulting support on internal press office services to its managerial team.


The oldest European energy company and a leading operator in Italy has relied on PressCom to find a way in order to promptly update Edison’s board of directors and managers.