The shoes at the feet of globetrotter gentlemen

13th January 2014

The elegance of the globetrotting gentleman: tailor made indispensable luxurious elegance according to Silvano Lattanzi and his 4 seasons sole.  Footwear for all weather conditions, skillful craftsmanship also used to make the latest pit-buried “Fossa Shoes”, 2013 vintage.

At Pitti Uomo 2014, Silvano Lattanzi presents his collection of new creations focusing on the luxury style essential in everyday life.  The latest creation in this sense is a shoe intended for the “travelling gentleman”: a shoe that meets the needs of modern men and women jetting round the world and changing climates and temperatures in the space of a short time. 

A solution made possible by creating a 4 Seasons sole, a rubber island-shaped insert  with a distinctive “tread” is embedded in the leather sole.  The composition of the rubber compound together with its “tread” make this type of shoe suitable for all weather conditions.

“An idea  born out of necessity,” says Silvano Lattanzi: “My daughter Roberta was going to travel to the Far East and Moscow in order to view our shops there. Her travelling schedule meant that she was going to find herself in completely different climates as well as situations, ranging from casual to formal “

Outstanding craftsmanship combined with the selection of the finest materials and the care and attention to the smallest of details contribute to making each model unique, of the highest quality and constantly setting new trends.

For the “around the world trip in eight days” for the 2014 travelling gentleman, Silvano Lattanzi will showcase a new collection complete with luxurious and comfortable creations.
This modern-day shoemaker ages his shoes in a pit, underlining the care and dedication he has towards leather. Silvano Lattanzi’s exquisite new creations don’t compromise on comfort. This is made possible by combining each model with the 4 seasons sole, creating a shoe that is equally suitable for business and travelling, meeting the needs of the modern day globe trotter.

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